Ires Background

Irie's Story

Irie Perera is the mother of a daughter who has scars.

I have no visible scars like many other Ambassadors. They are my hidden scars. Hiding in my head and in my heart. I am a mother of a daughter who has scars.

I picked up my pen several times to write my story. I could not write. I just cried. My hand was shaking. My chest felt heavy like a ton of rocks are pressing my chest. I am usually a positive strong person. In this issue I feel weak. It is not easy at all to make anybody understand when your own child is affected.

My first born is the world to me. She is the first person in my life to call me ‘mum’. Shock waves still mess with my thoughts. A hot cup of tea, and the scream of my little girl just one year old. Blue flashing lights, hospital, general anaesthetic, skin grafts, and scars. All these years every morning I have woken up with a heavy heart. I saw her sadness on her face growing up as a teenager. I sensed her anxiety in her heart and the trauma in her mind. I was helpless and could not do anything about it.

Life is full of failures. But that does not mean that one should give up. I feel so proud I have been given the opportunity to be part of that journey as an Ambassador. I hope the Scar Free Foundation will achieve great results and help the patients to heal with the best outcome. One day achieve total ‘Scar Free Healing', wouldn't that be wonderful

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