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The majority of our research is driven by support from Trusts, Foundations and Philanthropists. This makes a vital difference, and is pivotal to the achievement of a future without scars. Your support will deliver our mission to prevent and treat scarring, and support people with scars through the emotional and physical challenges they bring. Donations of all sizes are put to best effect thanks to our rigorous research management processes.

There are a number of ways you can help to end scarring. Annual unrestricted gifts enable us to invest your support where it is most needed. Partnerships support the strategic delivery of high-impact research from leading institutions. The commitment and generosity of our supporters is absolutely crucial to our work, each making a valuable contribution to the costs of funding our projects.

  • Since the Foundation was established 20 years ago, we have overseen a £50 million programme of life changing medical research.
  • We have established the world's first Centre for Conflict Wound Research, with pioneering studies to advance our understanding on how the body heals following gunshot, blast and burn injuries.
  • We run a dedicated programme to support the next generation of researchers through capacity building Fellowships, PhD Studentships and Student Elective Awards within fields relevant to scar free healing.
  • We lead a UK Burns Research Network which is a collaborative programme of work aimed at better understanding patient relevant outcomes in burns and exploring the genetic clues that lie behind good and bad scarring in children affected by burns.
  • As a global leader in burns research, our research has helped to develop the ground-breaking SPACE smart dressing that detects bacteria in burn wounds, changing colour for immediate visual diagnosis.
  • Over 3,000 families and 8,500 participants have been recruited to our Cleft Gene Bank & Cohort Study, making it one of the world’s largest bio banks of its kind.
  • We have a proud history of working with veterans – not least with our Lead Ambassador Simon Weston CBE, using his voice and experience to help injured veterans get the support they need.
  • We have worked with more than 50 Ambassadors through their scar free journeys, celebrating their diverse contributions to the scar free vision.

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