About Scarring

A scar is a mark left on the skin after a wound or injury has healed. When the human body suffers an injury, a biological process to repair the wound is triggered. Scarring itself is the production of excessive amounts of connective tissue produced as the body reacts and repairs the wound. Our body’s priority is very much on fast wound closure rather than restoring the injured area to how it was previously. This imperfect process results in the creation of scar.

For some people, scarring is by no means the endpoint of their illness or injury.

Along with changing the way we look, scars can considerably affect how we are able to use our bodies and even our ability to breathe.

The Impact of Scars

Scars cause itching and loss of movement requiring the need for frequent operations; skin grafts; the application of cream, and daily physiotherapy. Scarring can also cause significant psychological and social challenges, negatively impacting on people’s feelings of self-esteem and confidence meaning they do not feel able to form intimate relationships or undertake social activities. Mobility issues caused by scarring impact on people’s day-to-day lives including their ability to undertake life activities such as domestic responsibilities, leisure, work and school.

Internal scarring can seriously affect internal organs. Nearly 45% of all deaths in the developed world are attributed to some type of fibrotic or scarring disease. For example, after a heart attack, scar tissue is formed in the affected area of the heart muscle impacting on the heart’s ability to pump, which leads to congestive heart failure. Some survivors of severe COVID-19 have been left with heart or lung fibrosis and much research will be needed to understand the long-term fibrotic impacts of the disease.

Watch Elizabeth, one of our Ambassadors, talk about the impact of her scars here

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You can find out more about the incidence, economic cost, and global health burden of scarring below.

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