Our Research

Over the last 24 years, we have overseen a £50 million programme of life-changing medical research. We work with leading clinicians and researchers from world-class institutions across the UK. Together, we will make scar free healing a reality within a generation.

Led by Survivors

People with scars are at the heart of our research strategy. Everything we fund addresses the real clinical needs of patients, past and future.

Our research strategy comes from consultations with people with scarring on what matters to them. In the past, this has led us to looking at topics as varied as the psychological effects of conflict wounds on veterans, and the application of innovative new bandages on fresh wounds. 

Keeping people with scars at the heart of our research means our funding always goes where it will have the biggest impact.

Diverse Disciplines

Scar free healing is a big mountain to climb, and there are lots of different paths we can take to reach the summit. We believe in taking as many paths as possible – we fund research across a broad range of disciplines and tackle the problem of scarring from every angle.

We work with renowned surgeons, biologists, bioengineers, psychologists, nurses, speech therapists, statisticians, geneticists and doctors. All of them are talented and curious; bright minds in their own fields, helping us towards our goal.

Scar free healing will only be possible if we bring those bright minds together and build on the breakthroughs of scientists around the world. That's why we’re committed to funding research that is both collaborative and globally connected.

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