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Major Supporters

If you are considering making a major gift, thank you.

Your gift will make a huge difference to people living with scarring. As an investor in scar free research, you will be developing exciting and life-changing treatments. You’ll unlock a greater understanding into why scars form and how we can prevent them during the wound healing process, as well as how to make living with scars easier.

By making a major gift, you are helping to pave the way to a scar free future. A future that has never felt closer.

Supporters like you make our research happen, and make scar free healing possible. We value all our supporters and believe it is important that you get the most from your support.

From our Ambassadors to our researchers, you will see how your support is changing lives, now and in the future. Please call Dr Lubna Arif-Schmidt on +44 (0)20 3958 5807 or email [email protected] for an informal discussion so we can help you identify an area of our work that is of most interest to you.


We are enormously grateful to all our supporters, including: