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Emma's Story

Emma Hall was born with a cleft lip and palate - born just slightly more unique as she likes to say.

I don’t have an awful story to tell of a tragic accident or attack, I was just born slightly more unique as I like to say! As I don’t know any different, I haven’t let my appearance have a negative impact on my life. In fact, in my year at school there were four of us with a cleft lip and palate, so maybe it was strength in numbers, and none of us were teased.

I have a close group of friends who don’t judge me for the way I look, but having The Scar Free Foundation allows me to talk to people who are all in a similar situation where we have visible scars, that strangers in the street look at, as they think we are slightly different. Not everyone has a straightforward journey and the Scar Free Foundation are not only doing the research to eliminate scars but they are also building one of the largest cleft lip and palate studies in the world. The two aims will make lives better and improve understanding of scarring and clefting. The two areas do not get big research funds from the UK Government or other charities so The Scar Free Foundation championing these neglected and “orphan” areas makes me feel really wanted and supported – and I want to support them.

I am proud of the way I look as I have succeeded in life, with a loving husband, family and a successful career- so I’d say to anyone with new scars, or old scars, be proud of who you are and don’t think of yourself as different or the odd one out, but the unique one.

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