How we manage research

As a member of the Association of Medical Research Charities (AMRC) we adhere to robust research evaluation and management processes to ensure that only the best research is funded. In order to deliver a world without scarring it is essential that the AMRC Principals of Peer Review; accountability, balance, independent decision making, rotation of scientific advisers and impartiality are embedded into our funding practices.

In 2020 we received a certificate of best practice in medical and health research from the AMRC. Member charities are audited once every five years to ensure funding applications are evaluated in line with AMRC best practice.

AMRC Position Statements

The Scar Free Foundation supports the AMRC's position statement on the use of animals in medical research. All AMRC charities support this statement which can be viewed on the AMRC website.

The Foundation also supports the AMRC position statement on research in universities which can be viewed here.

Research Management Structure

We fund a diverse range of research into scarring and wound healing including basic research to help understand the biology of scarring, clinical trials into dressings and treatments and psychological research to understand the impact of scarring. This diverse portfolio means that it is necessary to call upon a range of individuals to help us assess and manage our research.

All our funded research is managed by Advisory Panels or Advisers who report to our Board of Trustees and recommend on progress. Our Research Council is charged with advising the Board of Trustees on the pursuit of the Foundation’s research strategy.

You can find out more about our Research Council and Advisory Panels here

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