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Scar Free researchers publish review of wound healing

Researchers at our lab in Bristol have published a new review of everything we know about wound healing - from the cells involved to ways we could intervene in the process.

Dr Oscar Peña Cabello and Professor Paul Martin published their review, 'Cellular and molecular mechanisms of skin wound healing' in Nature Reviews: Molecular Cell Biology: a journal dedicated to sharing robust, accessible overviews of complex scientific topics.

The review is available for anyone to read.

Read the review here.

Oscar and Paul work at The Scar Free Foundation Programme of Wound Healing Research at the University of Bristol. Their work uses a unique research pipeline to speed up the process of finding and then testing possible scarring genes. By analysing huge gene databanks, Paul and the team are identifying genes that potentially influence how well - or poorly - we scar. Then, using gene-editing technology, they can tweak the same genes in zebrafish and measure the effect on wound healing.

The work being done by Oscar, Paul, and all the other talented researchers at our lab at the University of Bristol could be the key to scar free healing. If we can identify the genes that cause 'bad' scarring, we could screen patients in advance and offer bespoke treatments to those in danger of life-changing scarring.

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