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Scar Free Foundation Elective Awards 2024

For two decades, our Student Elective scheme has been a steady source of support for students looking to kickstart their first projects in Scar Free relevant research. Thanks to the generous support of our Partner Member Organisation colleagues—the BBA, BAPRAS, BSSH and CFSGB&I— we are pleased to invite applications to the 2024 scheme.

Scar Free Foundation Electives are worth up to £1,200 and support research projects focusing on wound healing and scarring conditions.

The awards provide students with the opportunity to broaden their perception and experience of research, during a 4–8-week supervised period in one of the following disciplines:

  • Plastic and reconstructive surgery
  • Burn medicine and care
  • Craniofacial care and treatment
  • Hand surgery

Electives are offered in conjunction with 4 of our Partner Member Organisations.

In 2024, we are offering a total of 4 Electives for projects taking place in the UK and Ireland only.

The Electives are competitive and are externally assessed by expert Reviewers who look for rigour in research, quality supervision and the potential impact on the student’s future career. Previous recipients of our funding have gone on to undertake further research training, PhD’s and some have become NIHR Clinical Academic Fellows.

Eligibility and remit


To support projects focused on plastic and reconstructive surgery

One award per annum

Eligibility: Medical students only


To support projects focused on burn medicine and care

One award per annum

Eligibility: Dietetics, medical, nursing, paramedic, pharmacy, psychology, and therapy students.


To support projects focused on hand surgery

One award per annum

Eligibility: Medical students only.


To support projects focused on craniofacial medicine, care and treatment

One award per annum

Eligibility: Medical, dental, nursing, psychology and speech & language therapy students.


All applicants need to identify an appropriate Supervisor to oversee the Elective project.

Supervisors are experienced academic or clinical individuals who agree to support the project. Supervisors are asked to formalise their support by signing the application form and are asked to provide the Scar Free Foundation with a copy of their CV, detailing previous academic experience. This should be submitted along with the application form.

All Supervisors will undertake to provide the following level of support:

  • Review and aid the development of the Student’s research protocol, to ensure that methodological issues are dealt with prior to the Student beginning their project
  • Provide support for any issues that emerge during the project, at the analysis or write-up stage
  • Set a deadline for receipt of a draft final report, reviewing and providing constructive criticism to the Student within a time-frame, which enables them to make any necessary changes
  • Sign off the student’s report and provide a short report to the Scar Free Foundation on their progress

We recommend that 4-6 meetings/phone calls take place between the Supervisor and student during the project and write-up phase.

All projects must take place in Great Britain or Ireland only.

If you have any questions about the scheme please email [email protected]

Please email your application to [email protected]

Please submit your applications by 5 PM on FRIDAY 8 March 2024.
Late, incomplete, or unsigned applications Will not be processed.

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