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Luanne's Fundraising Story

Luanne celebrated her 26th birthday by raising £385 for scar free research!

Luanne is a Surgical Research Fellow at Wirral University Teaching Hospital and an avid runner. We spoke to Luanne about what motivated her to fundraise for a world without scarring.

Scars are quite common amongst the general population (with a large number of trauma injuries/burns/accidents worldwide), but the public isn't aware of how much of an impact a bad scar can have.

I’ve seen first-hand how debilitating scars can be. Personally, I've sustained burn injuries on my hands when I was in medical school - one was through a bad deep dermal scald burn, and the other was through hot contact with an oven. I remember feeling horrified and traumatised at the level of burns on my hands after the scald burn, and remembered thinking how debilitating the scars would be for me in terms of mobility and dexterity, especially since I wanted to pursue surgery as a career. Luckily for me, my burns were managed quite early on with heavy supervision, which resulted in my scar becoming non-visible and flat after a few months!

I am currently working as a doctor with a strong interest in plastic surgery - my interests lie in burns/lower limb injuries! I really enjoy working with trauma patients and burns survivors, and have been in awe of the current management strategies used to reduce and improve scars in these patients. I hope to be able to pursue my interests in these areas in the future, both professionally as a surgical trainee and in future medical research as well.

I came across The Scar Free Foundation when I was working with my plastic surgery unit as part of my Foundation Doctor training. I found the work that The Foundation did to be quite inspiring and impactful!

So, when it came to my 26th birthday, I knew I wanted to do something fun and impactful - running 62 miles over a month felt like a doable task, and I could use the initiative to raise the money and support the incredible work The Foundation does!

If you’re thinking of fundraising for The Scar Free Foundation - do it! The Scar Free Foundation is an amazing charity with great initiatives for both patients and research, so if you have any capacity to support them, I highly encourage you to do it. Starting your own fundraising event can be quite nerve-wrecking, but I think the key is to try and involve the organisation and all the people around you as much as you can, and to regularly maintain the momentum of the initiative. I’ve been posting my runs on my JustGiving page which is a nice way to update everyone with how I’m doing.

Congratulations on smashing your incredible goal, Luanne! Thank you for making a difference.

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