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The Scar Free Foundation Joins COBSEO

The Scar Free Foundation is delighted to announce that we are now members of COBSEO – the Confederation of Service Charities.

COBSEO is a central hub for charities working with the Armed Forces community, including Veterans, reservists, and military families. By providing a central connection between the third sector, local and national government, and the private sector, COBSEO encourages collaboration for the benefit of all service personnel.

We are thrilled to have been accepted as members so soon after our pledge to the Armed Forces Covenant earlier this year. COBSEO’s values of co-operation, innovation, accountability, and equality tally brilliantly with our own values, and we are honoured to be counted among members like friends of the Foundation, The Veterans’ Foundation, Blesma, and Help for Heroes.

Becoming a member of COSBEO further enshrines our dedication to the Armed Forces Community. We have a long-standing partnership with the CASEVAC Club - a members-only club for those seriously wounded in combat during conflicts in Iraq and Afghanistan. They continue to serve by contributing to studies and sharing their experiences with researchers. Their stories, and the stories of other veterans, help guide our research strategy.

Our close relationship with the CASEVAC Club culminated in 2018 when we inaugurated the Scar Free Foundation Centre for Conflict Wound Research in Birmingham. This state-of-the-art research hub has a singular mission: to alleviate both the physical and psychological burdens of scarring for military personnel and individuals affected by acts of terrorism.

And of course, at the helm of the charity is our Chief Executive, Lt. Gen (retired) Richard Nugee. Richard is a veteran with a distinguished career that spans multiple operations and high-ranking positions, including his final role in the Ministry of Defence as Chief of Defence People (2016–2020). Richard joined the Foundation as a Trustee in 2016 and assumed the role of Chief Executive in 2023. Throughout his tenure, he has continued to champion the well-being of veterans and active-duty personnel.

The research we fund into scar free healing will improve the lives of injured Veterans and prevent scarring in future military personnel. We are excited and optimistic that the new connections with other charities in COBSEO will spark new ideas, encourage community involvement in our research, and ultimately bring us closer to scar free future.