Peter Homa's Cycle from Land's End to John O'Groats

Peter Homa, Retired Director General of Defence Medical Services, is taking on the famous LEJOG Challenge at the end of August. He's cycling over 1000km to raise money for The Scar Free Foundation.

We are honoured that Peter chose us as the fundraising partner for his epic journey after our work in Birmingham at the Centre for Conflict Wound Research captured his imagination.

Scarring impacts 20million people in the UK alone. Thousands of our veterans live with the physical and psychological impact of scarring injuries.

The Scar Free Foundation funds a dynamic programme of scarring to find new treatments that can minimise scarring and loss of function for Armed Forces personnel who sustain life-threatening injuries during their deployment, and Veterans who are currently living with the wounds and scars sustained whilst serving the Country.

Whether you want to support research in advancing treatment options for veterans seriously injured or scarred in recent conflicts; or help our understanding of internal scarring and fibrosis caused by illnesses and conditions like heart disease; or to simply ‘cheer’ Peter on in his mammoth effort to cycle the length of the country – any donation you can give means that we can continue to fund medical research into scarring, bettering the lives of veterans and civilians living with scars.

Follow along with his journey on Twitter (@PeterHLEJoGBike) and donate to his campaign on JustGiving.

To celebrate, we've made an interactive map showing the stops on Peter's route and some of the Scar Free Foundation's key locations. Enjoy!