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Meet the newest members of the Scar Free Team

In August 2023, we welcomed two staff members onto the team. Below, Lubna and Jenni share why they believe in a scar free future.

I’ve had keloids on my shoulders, arms and chest since I was twelve. Back then, I remember feeling so unattractive, embarrassed and nervous about my appearance. My scars would throb and itch so much. I used to hide under baggy clothes, side-stepped dating and avoided swimming for twenty years!

From surgery to injections, I tried any treatment I could get my hands on. But my keloids always came back, bigger than before.

When I turned thirty, I decided to change my mindset and not let my keloids rule my life anymore. Curiously, as I’ve grown older, my scars have naturally flattened and faded.

Last year, my ten-year old son got his first keloid from a bike accident. My heart sank, knowing he might go through what I did. I’m also worried for my young daughter too.

I joined the Scar Free team because I believe we’re backing the right research to find new and better ways to treat scars. It’s just a matter of money and time. The more we raise and invest in research, the quicker we'll get there.

Dr Lubna Arif-Schmidt, Head of Development

Science is full of stories. But it's hard for people to see those stories and care about them. Intimidating jargon, dense footnotes, and complicated maths put a lot of people off. But great communication makes science easy to understand.

In my last role, I directed animations and edited films for universities and I had the pleasure of helping some amazing researchers get their papers out into the world. I loved the process of making science accessible so much that when I saw The Scar Free Foundation was looking for a creative to bring their mission to a wider audience, I jumped at the chance.

The Scar Free Foundation has the struggles, joys, and hopes of people with lived experience at its heart. The mission of scar free healing is a story that practically writes itself. I'm so excited to be part of The Scar Free Foundation and am looking forward to working closely with our Ambassadors, our researchers, and our supporters to tell stories for a scar free future.

Jenni Herd, Communications and Projects Manager