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HRH The Duchess of Edinburgh celebrates International Women and Girls in Science Day

Our Royal Patron, HRH The Duchess of Edinburgh joined our Scar Free scientists, researchers, Ambassadors and supporters to mark International Women and Girls in Science Day.

As a funder of vital medical research, we felt it important to acknowledge and praise the indispensable role that women and girls play in our work. We were absolutely delighted when HRH The Duchess of Edingburgh agreed to join us to celebrate.

From pioneering women scientists in the lab, female philanthropists who make our work possible and our lived experience voices - the women and girls affected by scarring - who help to inspire our mission. On this special day, we took a moment to take time to acknowledge that without women and girls in science, our progress would not be possible. New scientific developments happening in Scar Free projects will be life changing.

British science journalist, author and friend of the Foundation, Vivienne Parry OBE compared the event which included presentations from our scar free research leads, Professor Janet Lord CBE, Ms Emman Combellack and our Ambassador and Trustee, Dr Hemani Modasia-Shah.

Professor Janet Lord spoke of her interesting journey into science and the incredible research that she is involved. Janet’s projects with the Scar Free Foundation are both at The Scar Free Foundations Centre for Conflict Wound Research, Birmingham - Investigating the effect laser therapy has on scars, and how major trauma accelerate the ageing process. You can watch a short video of Janet speaking to two of our Ambassadors on her research – recorded at our Ambassador Event last year.

Emman too spoke of her journey and interest in science. Emman joined Professor Iain Whitaker’s research at The Scar Free Foundation Programme of Regenerative Research at Swansea University whilst undertaking her medical degree in 2011 as an honorary clinical lecturer, undertaking basic science research which would go on to form the basis for her PhD.

The programme Emman is part of focussed on the development of 3D ‘bioprinted’ facial cartilage (e.g. ears and noses) using human cells and plant based materials for future treatment of people who are either born without body parts, or live with facial scarring as a result of burns, trauma or cancer. You can watch a short video of this project here.

Hemani spoke passionately - explaining her role as an Ambassador, Trustee and GP. Explaining that as a women in science, a mother, a burns survivor and a supporter of the Foundation, she is fascinated wit the research that is taking place and excited for the future ahead. You can see a video also shot in October 2022 of Hemani speaking with Tom, who is also a researcher in the 3D BioPrinting Lab in Swansea.

HRH The Ducess of Edingburgh and guests enjoyed morning pastries and refreshements in the stunning Royal College of Surgeons 19th Centry Library, whilst having the change to share their own story and interest in the science of scar free healing.