Scar Free 20 Oct 22 Update Douglas Jenny John

Scar Free Update Event 2022

Each year we invite Scar Free supporters to learn more about the research that has taken place in the year. In addition, this year we were honoured to hear our young Ambassador, Delilah Care, speak at the event. Delilah, who bravely shared her inspiring experience of life with scarring, showed us all how she will not let her scars stop her from doing anything – but how the work the Foundation is doing is so important.

This autumn, we hosted our Annual Update Event at the Royal College of Surgeons. The afternoon offered Scar Free family - supporters, researchers, Ambassadors and volunteers - the opportunity to learn more about our Scar Free projects and hear from our inspirational young Ambassador, Delilah Care. The event also provided the perfect opportunity to premier our new Impact Report video.

Guests heard from two early career researchers, Dr Oscar Peña Cabello from The Scar Free Foundation Programme of Wound Healing Research at the University of Bristol and Dr Richard Moakes from The Scar Free Foundation Centre for Conflict Wound Research, Birmingham. Oscar is researching scarring genes in model systems and population health data and explained the impact his research will have on those who scar in the future. Richard works on the ‘DeScar’ project the unique ‘smart dressing’ we are developing, impregnated with the pro-healing protein, Decorin. Richard explained the benefits of the dressing, plans for its manufacture and the upcoming ‘first in human’ clinical trial.

Twelve year old Delilah gave a moving speech about what it is like to live with scars. Delilah survived 50% burns in 2011 in a bonfire accident when she was just 17-months old. She told the audience “I love my scars, but I would do anything to get rid of them so I don’t have to go through anymore surgeries or pain”. Delilah’s powerful and honest testimony was humbling.

As we work to deliver scar free healing, we ensure that people like Delilah, those living with the life-long impact of significant scars, remain at the heart of everything we do. We are incredibly grateful to Delilah and her mum, Sophie, and all our Ambassadors, who support us by sharing their stories and inspire us in our work towards scar free healing.

If you are interesting in attending next years update event please contact Amanda on [email protected].