Scar Free 20 Oct 22 Dan Lord Moakes Lottie

Scar Free Ambassador Event 2022

The lived experienced voice of our Ambassadors and people living with scars lies at the heart of all that we do. In October 2022 we brought together our Ambassadors and scar free researchers to discuss the pioneering the research that is taking place and how this will improve the lives of people affected by scarring in the future.

We filmed behind the scenes footage, and took photos, of some of the conversations that were had at this years Ambassador event. We will ber eleasing the videos thorughout the next few months to highlight not only the increadible work that takes place, but the impact it will have on all those affected by scarring.

Below you can watch to conversations. One with Ambassador and Trusteee Hemani Modasiah-Shah speaking to Tom Jovic, Scar Free Researcher at Swansea University and the other an open conversation with Ambassador's Dan Jackson and Lottie Pollak, with Scar Free Researchers Professor Janet Lord and Dr Ricard Moakes.