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Crucial Funding received from the Veterans' Foundation

A special thank you to the Veterans' Foundation

We are delighted to work with the Veterans’ Foundation to support valuable work at The Scar Free Foundation Centre for Conflict Wound Research at the University of Birmingham.

Professor Janet Lord - About Scarring with Professor Janet Lord, who is leading the research, is fascinated about why the body scars. Janet and her team are carrying out ground-breaking research into treatments that can reduce the physical appearance of scars we already have. This study, in a veteran cohort, will be on the effect of exercise on reducing the impact of ‘premature ageing’ caused by major trauma.

Brendan Eley, Chief Executive of The Scar Free Foundation said;

“Against the backdrop of the ongoing uncertainty of the pandemic, it is an honour to be investing in such promising research to improve the health of wounded veterans with a partner like the Veterans’ Foundation.

Combat injuries can have life-long impact and this research will help veterans to manage their wellbeing, rehabilitation and recovery for the long-term. We are excited to be using the latest developments in our understanding and analysis of inflammation and cellular ageing.”

The Scar Free Foundation research partners and Ambassadors, The CASEVAC Club, are excited to hear the developments - and note the huge potential - for this research.

“As one of the ‘Unexpected Survivors’ of the conflicts in Iraq and Afghanistan, I am so grateful to the Trustees of the Veterans’ Foundation have chosen to support Professor Janet Lord’s project at The Scar Free Foundation Centre for Conflict Wound Research. Wounded veterans have many unanswered questions about their long-term health, this support will help answer these questions through the pioneering research that is taking place. It really is exciting that there may be interventions to lessen the impact of our injuries. Thank you for this amazing investment in our future.”

David Henson MBE, Ph.D. Co-Founder, The CASEVAC-Club and Trustee of the ADVANCE Study Charity

The Veterans’ Foundation recently marked an exciting milestone as they granted over £1million to charities supporting members of the Forces community. Founder of the Veterans’ Foundation, Major General David Shaw says “The Veterans' Foundation has been set up to help fund charities and other charitable organisations that are helping serving and former members of the Armed Forces, and their dependants, who are in need. The charities and other organisations we have helped include those tackling the challenges of mental and physical injuries, homelessness, unemployment, children’s loss of parents while serving and remembrance.”