The Scar Free Foundation Hybrid Update Event 2021

Recently we held our first hybrid Annual Update event. The event, attended by over 50 scar free supporters, researchers and Ambassadors took place in our new, recently re-opened base and the ‘home of surgery’, The Royal College of Surgeons of England. The event was also broadcast live, with over 200 additional friends and family of the Foundation tuning, with many more watching the recording in their own time.

Our event offers you all a unique insight into the problems of scarring and learn about the pioneering research we are funding to achieve our Scar Free mission : To achieve scar free healing within a generation and transform the lives of those affected by disfiguring conditions.

Professor Jonathan Sandy

About Scarring : Genetics

Professor Sandy explains what a scar is and what role genetics play. Professor Sandy will help us to understand this by explaining the work the Foundation has funded at The Cleft Collective. The Collective has recruited over 3,000 children born with cleft and their families, the genetic information we now have not only answers long standing unknowns around Cleft Lip and Cleft Palate, but can also be used to help unlock the unknown's around scarring in general.

Professor Janet M Lord

About Scarring : Research

Professor Lord explains how the different cells that come in to a wound site influence the rate at which healing occurs but can also dictate the degree of scarring. She will describe her research on laser therapy for established scars and how this tries to reset the healing process and reduce scarring.

Liam Soffe

About Scarring : Living

On 29th May 2014 Liam and Sinead's youngest little girl, six-month old baby Elizabeth, survived a fire at their home in Qatar. Elizabeth was severely burnt all over her body. She lost most of her fingers, part of her nose and one of her ears. Liam captivates us all, speaking from the heart, reinforcing the exact reason why our mission is so important.

We are proud to note that Liam, Sinead, Elizabeth and their family are all Scar Free Ambassadors.

Professor Sir Bruce Keogh

Chairman of The Scar Free Foundation

“Our great scientists have scarring in our sights. We believe that over the next generation we can reduce the pain and suffering caused by scarring.”

Brendan Eley

Chief Executive of The Scar Free Foundation

“We’ve all lived through enormously challenging times. Thanks to our donors, volunteers and Ambassadors, The Scar Free Foundation is coming out stronger than ever". Brendan provides an insight into the past years’ activity and our exciting plans for the future.