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Could you be our champion?

We’re working hard to invest more funds in research that will change lives. For the first time we will be taking part in The Big Give Christmas Challenge, and although the festivities might seem distant, we need your help now! We’re looking for Champions like you, to help us double the difference. Find out more about what 3D printing, Christmas and you, have in common!

With your support, we make a real difference, leading major studies into the scientific, medical, and psychological aspects of wound healing and scarring, but we know there is much more exciting research out there that will bring the goal of scar free healing closer.

The Scar Free Foundation is taking part in The Big Give Christmas Challenge to secure extra funding for one of our exciting research programmes, pioneering 3D printing for facial reconstruction. The Big Give appeal gives us the rare opportunity to match-fund each individual donation with an equal donation from our champions.

But to secure this extra funding, we need the help of Scar Free supporters who can pledge a donation – could you be one of them?

Some of our Ambassadors heard recently from Professor Iain Whitaker about this ground-breaking study, leaving us all excited by the possibilities. We heard about the difference the study could make for people with different types of facial scarring, and how it could change the future of reconstructive surgery, reducing the need for multiple operations and painful transplants.

Every single pledge will take us closer to our target and unlock matched donations to double the difference you make. If you’d like to know more about how the Challenge will get us closer to scar free healing, contact Amy ([email protected]).