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Celebrating our partnerships

Thanks to the Armed Forces Covenant Fund Trust, we’re delivering exciting new research that will help improve the long-term physical health of injured veterans.

We’ve long been proud of our association and partnership with veterans injured in the line of duty, not least through the amazing CASEVAC Club and the generous role they play in making a world without scars a reality. It is therefore a real honour to work with the Armed Forces Covenant Fund Trust (AFCFT) with their mission of real change for veterans and service personnel.

We’re proud to be part of the AFCFT’s Positive Pathways grants programme, with an exciting new project at the University of Birmingham, led by Professor Janet Lord, looking into Exercise, Wellbeing and Ageing in veterans, and how it impacts scarring. It’s a promising project with huge implications for long-term physical health and to reduce the impact of trauma.

AFCFT has funded hundreds of activities supporting the mental health and wellbeing of serving Forces personnel and veterans. We are honoured to be among a network of impactful, passionate supporters of Armed Forces communities, bringing positive changes to the lives of veterans, serving personnel, and their families.

Since 2017, AFCFT has managed our LIBOR grant, the transformational funding behind The Scar Free Foundation Centre for Conflict Wound Research, meaning they are critical to the delivery of the SMOOTH lasers trial, DESCAR dressing trial and UNITS psychological study. The impressive impact of the £35m LIBOR fund was summarised in a Department of Social Change report published earlier this year, looking at the efficacy of the HM Treasury-funded programme and featuring our long-term support for the CASEVAC Club.

We would like to say a huge thank you to the team at the Trust – their support for quality research supporting wounded service personnel will have huge impact on health and wellbeing through improved physical and psychological services.

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