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Irie's poem: National Poetry Day

To celebrate National Poetry Day 2020 yesterday, our amazing Ambassador Irie wrote a poem about why she became involved with The Scar Free Foundation. Her beautiful and powerful words highlight the impact that scarring has not only on those that have scarring, but also on their family and friends.

Discovering The Scar Free Foundation

I picked up my pen and I cried

My hand was shaking

My chest felt heavy my body felt numb

A container load of rocks pressing my chest I feel

The anxiety worry guilt

Why am I so weak I ask myself?

The sadness for my child many would never understand

I know for sure, scar free family will always

I said to my self be brave- you were brave all these years

I don’t have visible scars

They are my hidden scars

Hiding in my head and in my heart

Here I write my story

My daughter my first born she was so beautiful

She was very precious to me and still is

1989 just a day before her first birthday

The fateful day a hot cup of tea on her chest

That is the day my whole world changed

I carried my precious girl from hospital

With skin grafts on her chest and scars she never had

I carry the guilt of not looking after her and keeping her safe

I carry the heartache making her grow up with scars

I carry the pain there was no treatment to reverse her scars

I hid my tears when people stared at her

I wiped my tears secretly when other girls wore beautiful dresses

I wished and prayed for a miracle

Anything to take scars away

I saw the pain in her eyes and I was helpless to help her

I could not fall as I had to be strong for her

She tried the expander and it failed

She has worse scars now

My heart ache immense

I had dreams of her walking through my front door

with flattened invisible scars

It is only a dream hope one day come true

Not for my pleasure but for my pretty girl

Acceptance is great but why not try diminish too

I do not want this to happen to any other mother

My scars are invisible unlike the rest in

The Scar Free Family

One would wonder ‘Why is she in this group. She has no scars?’

My pain my heartache there is no difference

Scars visible or invisible

I am her mother -She is my beautiful girl

I joined Scar Free Foundation I am glad I made that call

I yearn to help you Scar free foundation in every possible way I can

I pray for new discoveries to diminish and banish scars

A hope and a dream of any parent

Something that I did not have

I put my pen down this is my last line

My courage my bravado drained off my soul

I wipe my tears again as I always did