Sf Fundraiser Sept 2019 68 Min

Scar Free Drinks Reception in Whitehall

Earlier this month, in a venue filled with rich nautical, military and political history, we held a drinks reception to showcase our important work with the Armed Forces and the Veteran community.

We spoke to CASEVAC Club Manager Anna Boggi, who told us more about the evening and why she agreed to share her story.

"I really enjoyed the Armed Forces Reception. What The Scar Free Foundation are aiming to achieve is very clever. I'm not a scientist or anything like that, but I find it all so fascinating.

The evening brought everyone together. I was looking around the room thinking, 'Wow - what a powerful bunch of people! People who are all subject matter experts in their own field, but all share the same goal, to further conflict wound care.' That was really special.

The CASEVAC Club have given the Foundation their bodies to advance medical science, so for me, giving a speech at the event was a way to do my little bit. Being married to one of the Club's members, I can share my experience of what it's like to live with somebody who's got quite severe scarring.

You're the expert in your own story, and I know my story inside out. So if I could help just one other person understand the severity of scarring, or encourage someone to get involved with The Scar Free Foundation, then I feel like I've done something."

Photography by James Allan