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Introducing Hemani: Our Loyal Ambassador

Our Scar Free Ambassador Hemani Modasia (pictured, second from right) was first introduced to The Scar Free Foundation just before she started medical school in 2006. Thirteen years later and now a qualified doctor working in a busy GP practice, Hemani is one of our longest-serving Ambassadors and a dedicated Scar Free supporter.

We caught up with Hemani to find out more about her time as an Ambassador, what she thought about last month's Involvement Reception and why our scar free mission is so important; both to her personally and for her profession.

"I was first introduced to The Scar Free Foundation by my surgeon who arranged for me to meet with the Chief Executive Brendan at the Royal College of Surgeons. I remember being quite excited about going there because it sounded quite posh when I was 18! After finding out more about the Foundation's aim and pioneering research, I was honoured to be asked to become an Ambassador.

Throughout the years I have been involved with the Foundation in different ways. I helped with a bid for setting up the Burns Collective in Bristol, which I loved being involved with both as a burns survivor and as a medical professional. I was also lucky enough to be photographed by Spencer Murphy as part of a series of Ambassador portraits.

I also really enjoy coming along to the Foundation's events. It's a great opportunity to be kept up to date on research and to meet with other Ambassadors. I found it really interesting at the recent Involvement Reception to see and hear how other Ambassadors share their voices through various different channels; whether it be public speaking, interviews or social media. I am always in awe of people's strength in adversity and it is a privilege to be around people that have the courage to stand up and talk about their experiences.

It's also been really great to see the Foundation move into new and exciting ways of raising awareness of scarring. Although The Scar Free Foundation isn't really a charity which offers support at an individual level, its vision is so much bigger. With research at their core they are going to touch so many more lives than we could ever imagine, and I am proud to be an Ambassador for a charity like this.

As a doctor I couldn't be more excited by scar free healing for my patients, and as a burns survivor I look forward to future generations having no scars. I think that's just so exciting!"

Photography by James Allan