Formed in 2017, the CASEVAC Club is a combat wounded community, comprised of people who sustained severe wounds in recent conflicts in Iraq and Afghanistan. The CASEVAC Club was created in the image of the Guinea Pig Club, formed by airmen injured in the fiery crashes in World War 2; men who were instrumental in the development of plastic surgery.

Like the Guinea Pig Club, the CASEVAC Club supports the advancement of medical science, and have partnered with the Foundation to support the establishment of The Centre For Conflict Wound Research in Birmingham. The Club supports studies conducted through the Centre, with the mission of being the last with scars.

Significantly, the Club also allows the collective voice of the community to be heard in the discussions concerning medical provision and advancement in military health, and they also support a broad range of charitable objectives. We are proud and privileged to work with them in our pioneering research and in our pursuit of scar free healing.