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Living with Scars: Spotlight On Black History Month

Throughout Black History Month in October, we shared short videos from our Ambassadors on their experiences being Black and living with scars.

October is Black History Month, a time to honour British Black culture and acknowledge the triumphs and challenges of Black individuals and communities.

Scarring does not affect everyone equally. Research tells us that people with more melanin in their skin, like Black and brown people, are twice as likely to get keloids compared to those with lighter skin tones. On top of that, living with scars as a Black person comes with its own set of cultural pressures and unique challenges.

To mark Black History Month, we hosted a conversation with our Ambassadors Justyn Hollet, Raiché Mederick, and Tatyana Emanie, delving into their experiences as Black individuals living with scars.

Over the course of the month, we released five short clips from this hour-long chat on TikTok and Instagram. Justyn, Raiché, and Tatyana touched on a wide range of topics from fashion to mental health and masculinity.

Diversity lies at the heart of our research strategy - our vision of a future free from scars is inherently multicultural. By sharing their stories, our Ambassadors shine a light on the challenges they face and the changes they want to make. The voices of our Ambassadors – be they Black, brown, Asian, or white – guide our funding strategy and ensure that the work we do will make a difference.

If you missed our Black History Month content on Instagram and Tiktok (@scarfreeworld), you can watch all the films below:

Thank you to Justyn, Tatyana, and Raiché for volunteering their time and sharing their experiences with us, and our Ambassador and Trustee Hemani Modasia-Shah for advocating that we should share stories for Black History Month.