Thank you to all our supporters

Last year we launched the Scar Free Appeal. Our £24 million fundraising campaign will support 10 years of research towards kick-starting our goal of bringing scar free healing treatments to patients by 2045.

We are only at the start of this appeal, but have already raised £1.5 million. Thank you so much to the following organisations and individuals who, over the past 12 months, have either given to the Scar Free Appeal or to our our current Research, Fellowship and Elective work:

  • James & Melissa Bethell
  • Simon Boadle
  • BSSH
  • The CHEAR Foundation
  • The Childwick Trust
  • Dr Alex Clarke
  • Dame Violet Wills Will Trust
  • Jeremy Darroch
  • Dermot Desmond
  • The Dorus Trust
  • Eveson Charitable Trust
  • Professor Peter Dziewulski
  • Simon Freakley
  • The Garfield Weston Foundation
  • Rajiv Grover
  • Jan Hall
  • The Holbeck Charitable Trust
  • Kavli Trust
  • The Lynn Foundation
  • Peter & Elizabeth Kaye
  • The PF Charitable Trust
  • Professor Vivien Lees
  • Martin Mace
  • Professor Naiem Moiemen
  • Douglas McGeorge
  • Nigel Mercer
  • Lady Jenny Rose
  • Professor Jonathan Sandy
  • Roger Siddle
  • The Stephen Forrest Charitable Trust
  • The VTCT Foundation
  • John Woolland
  • The Worshipful Company of Tin Plate Workers
  • The Wyfold Charitable Trust