Our Impact

The Scar Free Foundation, formerly The Healing Foundation, was first established in 1999 by BAPRAS. The Foundation was founded by plastic surgeon Michael Brough, who had treated survivors of the 1989 Kings Cross Fire and recognised the need for a research organisation dedicated to improving the outlook for survivors of conditions or accidents that cause scarring.

Over the last 20 years, the Foundation has overseen a £50 million programme of life changing medical research.

Our research has contributed to the increasing understanding of the biological processes associated with wound healing and scarring. Our scientific funding has focussed on animals who are able to heal their wounds or regenerate without scars. Alongside this work, we have supported a range of research to help people living with scarring today. This work has centred on inherited conditions such as cleft lip and palate and injuries that cause scars including burn injuries and injuries sustained in wars and terrorist incidents.

The breadth of the research we have undertaken is wide, and the professionals involved, diverse. We have funded scientists and clinicians working in the NHS and universities; leading academics with expertise in psychology, biomaterials, genetics, epigenetics, child health, nursing, immune cell biology, cell matrix biology, wound healing, speech and language therapy, regenerative medicine, laser therapy, tissue regeneration, public health and many more.

Scar free healing will only be achieved through a communal effort. Our funding has enabled and engaged the intellectual enquiry of many specialists. There is no one route to scar free healing and it cannot be realised by a single research discipline.