Lottie Raich Lucy Min

Involvement Reception at the Ministry of Defence

In April this year we hosted a reception at the Ministry of Defence Main Building in London. The event brought together our Ambassadors and volunteers along with our researchers and clinicians, and provided information on how they could contribute to our scar free mission.

With an overview of our current research and what the road to scar free healing might look like, the evening provided a perfect opportunity to share stories, experiences, and opinions. We caught up with Lucy Wilson (pictured centre), one of our Scar Free Ambassadors, who told us why the event was valuable for her:

"I really enjoyed the Involvement Reception. It was nice to get together and be around other people who have been through a similar situation to my own. It felt good to share our stories and gave me more of a kick to get involved with the charity. I also had the opportunity to speak to doctors and surgeons, which I think is really important. Although they have the medical experience of scarring, we have the physical and emotional experience.

The reception also gave me an insight into the charity that I never saw before. I’m not a scientist or a doctor, so it was nice to find out about current research in a way that made sense. That being said, we all share the same ambition no matter what profession or background. We are all involved for the same reason - to achieve a scar free world.”

Photography by James Allan