Scar Free July 2017 14 Bethell

Lord James Bethell becomes Development Board Chairman

We are delighted to announce the appointment of Lord James Bethell (pictured right, with Chief Executive Brendan Eley) as Chairman of The Scar Free Foundation's Development Board. James will also join The Scar Free Foundation Board of Trustees later this month.

James is Founder and CEO of communications agency Westbourne Communications. He has a wealth of experience working across government, media and industry. He has previously worked at The Sunday Times, the US Senate and EU Commission, and helped turn the Ministry of Sound into a global music brand. 

As Chairman of the Development Board James will help drive the multi-million pound fundraising campaign, behind our charity's ambitious scar free vision. James and his partner Melissa have supported The Scar Free Foundation for several years, and have a very personal connection to our cause: 


"Our son Jacob experienced a burn and scarring as a baby. The experience was traumatic for us because the doctors, despite their very best efforts, did not have the answers to our questions. I want to change that for future generations. The Scar Free Foundation shares that vision. Because of my experience, 'Scar free healing within a generation' is a meaningful objective for me and I am committed to seeing it happen. 

“For our cause, the issue is that few people understand that scars are a problem. They do not think of scarring as a condition, like cancer, that effects millions of people, occurs in all parts of the body and has terrible life-long consequences. And, despite huge strides in clinical and genetic science, fewer think that scar free healing is even a possibility. I am excited about how the Scar Free campaign can start to raise awareness and open up a conversation around the problem of scarring and how The Scar Free Foundation can solve it."


James takes over from Dr Alex Mahon, who is stepping aside to focus on her new role as Chief Executive of Channel 4:


"It has been a pleasure to serve as the Chair of the Executive Appeal Team over the past three years. Over this period, the charity has achieved a huge amount. We have set out our new scar free research ambition, launched an ambitious fundraising campaign and secured several major gifts, including £1 million from The VTCT Foundation. I have recently been appointed Chief Executive of Channel 4, so now feels like the right time to take a step back. I am really pleased that James has agreed to take on the Chairmanship from me. Under his leadership I am confident that The Scar Free Foundation’s profile and fundraising will go from strength to strength, placing us on course to achieve scar free healing within a generation.”