Maggie Dallman

World-leading researchers join Scar Free Ambition

Some of the most respected researchers in wound healing, bioengineering and stem cell research have joined The Scar Free Healing Foundation to shape a programme of work that will deliver scar free healing within a generation.

The Scar Free Healing Advisory Panel is tasked with developing a national programme of scientific and clinical research towards new scar free treatments as well as shorter term clinical and psychosocial interventions to support people living with scars and disfigurement.

Chaired by renowned immunologist Professor Margaret Dallman of Imperial College London, the Panel will deliver their Scar Free Healing Research Strategy to the Trustees of The Scar Free Foundation in May 2016. Professor Dallman has gathered a Panel of leaders from a range of scientific disciplines to deliver a fully costed multi-centre programme of research The Panel also includes a patient representative and a former clinical psychologist, Dr Alex Clarke, who has further consulted widely amongst clinical specialists throughout the UK in devising a research strategy to deliver shorter term impact for people living with disfigurement. The Panel will commission expert advice from other leaders in specialised fields as the strategy takes shape.

The membership is as follows;

Professor Maggie Dallman – Chair

Associate Provost, Imperial College, London

Professor Roger Pederson

Director of Research & Professor of Regenerative Medicine, University of Cambridge

Professor Sir Peter Ratcliffe

Nuffield Professor of Medicine, Head of Nuffield Department of Clinical Medicine University of Oxford

Professor David Abraham

Professor of Cell and Molecular Biology, University College London

Professor John Iredale

Professor of Medicine and Dean of Clinical Medicine, University of Edinburgh

Professor Molly Stevens

Professor of Biomedical Materials and Regenerative Medicine and Research Director for Biomedical Material Sciences, Imperial College, London

Professor Anthony Bull

Professor of Musculoskeletal Mechanics, Imperial College, London.

Mr Tim Streatfeild

Patient representative and Trustee

Dr Alex Clarke

Former Lead Clinical Psychologist, Royal Free Hospital, London