The Scar Free Foundation's response to Covid-19

Statement from The Scar Free Foundation's Chief Executive, Brendan Eley

The COVID-19 crisis will have an indelible impact on The Scar Free Foundation. Much of our research was forced to pause, our fundraising activity has reduced and our staff team are working harder than ever. However, we remain optimistic for the future. We are confident that The Scar Free Foundation will survive the current crisis and emerge stronger than ever to continue our pursuit of scar free healing in a generation.

Our Scar Free Research

During the national lockdown, many of our research staff were deployed to clinical care, and laboratories and offices were closed. Consequently, much of our research had to pause. However, I am incredibly glad to say that we have since restarted most of our research projects, and our research is now continuing at pace.

Our fundraising

Perhaps the greatest impact will be on our income. We rely on voluntary contributions and our usual fundraising methods – face to face meetings, receptions and events – are now more difficult. However, we are already looking at different ways to connect with our supporters, conscious that physical distancing is of utmost importance in this 'new normal'. We are reaching out more than ever, to current and new supporters alike, with compelling stories of the impact of scarring, the work we are supporting in pursuit of scar free research and the life-changing potential of new treatments that are only possible through research.

Our focus

I could not be prouder of the research we have supported, the progress we have made and the lives we have changed over the last 20 years. We did not anticipate spending this, our anniversary year, making these difficult decisions but they must be seen in the context of the larger picture. Of the human tragedies that lie behind the headlines; lives and loved ones lost as well as the very personal challenges faced by people, many with scarring conditions, whose treatments have been deferred. Our thoughts and wishes are with these.

In conclusion, our focus has not changed. There are more than 20 million people living with scarring in the UK today and the needs of people affected by scarring conditions – lost function, reduced mobility, psychological challenges –remain the same throughout and beyond the COVID-19 crisis. We maintain a stronger than ever and single-minded focus on the pursuit of scar free healing within a generation.

Brendan Eley, Chief Executive, The Scar Free Foundation