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BAAPS/BAPRAS Aesthetic Fellowship managed by the NIAR

The BAAPS/BAPRAS Fellowship is designed to support post-CCT Trainee Plastic Surgeons, wishing to learn skills in Aesthetic Surgery and Medicine.

Four Fellowships of £8,000 each are available in 2017.

Fellows will assist a senior aesthetic practitioner and their team for a period of three months. The Fellowship will comprise:

  • Exposure to a full range of Aesthetic Surgery, including breast, truncal, facial and peri-orbital surgery.

  • Aesthetic medicine experience, including botulinum toxin and dermal filler procedures.

  • The opportunity to participate in outpatient, pre- and post-operative care.

  • Protected time will be given to individual tutorials on various areas of the Aesthetic Surgery syllabus.

  • Fellows will undertake a small scale-scale research project, or evidence-gathering project.

Programme Directors participating in the 2017 scheme are: 

  • Mr Michael Cadier, Salisbury and South Coast.

  • Mr Fazel Fattah, Birmingham.

  • Mr Bryan Mayou, London.

  • Professor Neil McLean, Newcastle.

  • Mr Muhammad Riaz, Hull and Yorkshire 

  • Mr Kenneth Stewart, Edinburgh.

In addition, Dr Greg Williams will provide Fellows with an overview of hair transplant surgery.

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